AlRouya AlMotakamela corporation offers a range of the best designs that fit all purposes for all customers. It also provides the opportunity for each customer to present his design and appropriate modifications under the supervision of a group of specialized engineers to adopt the appropriate design.
⦁3D perspectives and videos so that the client can see his home or future building.
⦁Interior designs of all models suitable for the client.
⦁Landscaping for villa or building to achieve the desired luxury.


We operate the appropriate structure of the designs and plans offered in accordance with the owner to achieve the convenience of the client.


We provide basic services for the project, which ensures the owner’s convenience.
All services are supplied (water, electricity, gas, communications, health).


AlRouya AlMotakamela corporation provides a number of specialized engineers to work on the schemes that are adopted through the institutions and the responsible bodies so that the customer gets the accuracy and quality required.


All necessary building permits are issued from the municipality to enable the owner to easily build his residential or commercial building.

Implementation and supervision

AlRouya AlMotakamela corporation works on tenders and management, helping to select the best contractors and providing the best prices and the best quality in proportion to the owner and the supervision during the implementation untill the owner can take his property key.