About our corporation & our policies

Multinational Corporation,
Engineering consultants, Projects management . Established in United Arab Emirates “ Al Shariqa in 2013, Dubai 2015, Abu Dhabi 2016 and Kalba 2020“
One of outstanding companies that provide services and innovative solutions in the engineering consultancy and architectural designs.


  1. Tenders Department and contracts management
  2. Accounts and Management (Accounting – Secretarial )
  3. Projects Management (A group of technical staff to manage projects and sites and work on them)


  1. Architectural Design (Planning / Designing )
  2. Design MEB (Electricity / Telephone / Health defense Dinma / Gas / Water )

Corporation’s policy

Our corporate is making efforts and vision in architectural design and structural design and supervision of engineering
to provide services and technology solutions in all areas of engineering consultancy with a high quality while maintaining
all requirements, environmental protection and aesthetic appearance, through commitment to the following:
  • commiting to the requirements and legal requirements of the legislative framework for municipalities and various government departments and the requirements of international standards and domestic.
  • Considering the structure and safety of the most fundamental factors in business planning.
  • Setting up objectives and restructuring them into plans and programs to achieve.
  • Provide the necessary technical personnel for project management.
  • Educate and motivate all employees of the company to improve performance and dealing with customers, which promotes and supports the government’s directives.


Our corporate provides innovative services that contribute to achieve the happiness to customers by providing advanced intelligent and integrated solutions In engineering consulting architect and structural design and projects management.
It also contributes to achieving the vision and strategy of the state to be one of the most advanced countries and promoted in architecture and civil world.
Our corporate is proud to be a contributing part in achieving that and it considered as an integrated system.
We provide excellent comprehensive services to customers through keeping up with the continuous development in all areas of our work.

Workers and technical personnel

With glad and honor we present for you all services , where we aim to achieve more interaction with customers and the public to provide all the services that serve your suggestions and your opinions .
We looking forward to make our website the first and main choice for all customers and what they want “perfect architectural design”..

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